Information for Actors

Due to the large number of unsolicited submissions we receive, we are unable to respond to everyone, but all emails are read and rest assured we will be in touch as and when appropriate.  

Before you get in touch, here are a few observations it is as well to bear in mind... 

Whatever your reason for writing, keep it brief, well-written and professional, and make sure names are accurate and spelled correctly on your CV. It is always best to get in touch when you have something specific to say - an invitation to see you perform, a transmission alert, a new agent or showreel for instance. Avoid generalised flattery - praising our taste or work doesn't make you more interesting. Always attach or send links to your CV and photo, but don't include large files like showreels, only links to them.  

To those of you looking for advice or recommendations about agents: even if I know you well, I am always reluctant to make specific suggestions as it's such a personal relationship. Agents receive hundreds of requests for representation so approach people who will have seen your work - those who look after actors you have worked alongside, or who saw you at drama school for instance. Check out client lists on agency websites and see if there are other actors you're very similar to (which may be a reason the agency might not take you on), or who do the kind of work you would like to be doing. A small number of well-researched and personalised approaches is more likely to yield responses than blanket emails addressed to Sir/Madam. The same goes for approaches to casting directors.  

The CDG Public Resources page has lots of useful information, including audition guidelines for plays, for musicals, to self taping and workshop guidelines. For some thoughts about the casting process from leading casting directors (including a few contributions from me), you may also want to read The Stage’s article What do casting directors look for in auditions?

I prefer to receive submissions by email, rather than a hard copy - better for your wallet and the environment. No phone calls please. 

I am on Twitter (@GinnySchiller) but that is not the appropriate platform through which to contact me, or any other casting director, about work. I am not on LinkedIn and invitations to join will be deleted. My Facebook account is personal.