Welcome and thanks for visiting.  I am an established freelance casting director with many years experience across the media, specialising in theatre.  I am based in London but work with producers across the country.  For more information, please click on the Curriculum Vitae page.

I owe my career to two brilliant women who tragically are no longer with us.  Carrie Hilton, with whom I had been at university, introduced me to Maggie Lunn, then Head of Casting at the RSC.  I began working with her in 1997, and after I went freelance in 2001, assisted Carrie with her television and film work alongside my own projects. Maggie and I worked together on three seasons at Chichester and then on and off ever since, until she died earlier this year.  I learnt so much from them.  They trained, supported and mentored me and I owe them both a huge debt of love and gratitude.

I am a member of the Casting Directors' Guild and currently serve on the committee.

My assistant is the lovely Olivia Church and we can both be reached on casting@ginnyschiller.co.uk or via the Contact page.

Feel free to get in touch, but if you're an actor, please read the Information for Actors first.  If you are interested in working in casting, I recommend reading Becoming a casting director on the CDG website. I am not currently looking for any casting assistance or running internships.  

 That's non-alcoholic fruit punch.  Honest.  My usual is a gin and tonic.

That's non-alcoholic fruit punch.  Honest.  My usual is a gin and tonic.

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NB: There is no such thing as a casting agent.  We are casting directors.  They are agents.  Just so you know.